Monday, December 27, 2010

Ex-cop Kanth upset with Jessica film producers

MUMBAI: Former top police officer Amod Kanth's request to Censor Board chairperson Sharmila Tagore to follow only the facts of the Jessica Lall murder case in a soon-to-be-released film, he says, has not been heard. His request for a special preview for police officers involved in the case too has not been entertained by the filmmakers.

Amod Kanth, who was joint commissioner of police (southern range) when model Jessica Lall was shot dead in a night club in 1999, is considering legal action if the film is not screened for the police officers before its release. Kanth is concerned about the portrayal of Delhi police in the film.

Kanth said, "Who is Sabrina Lall (Jessica's sister) to give an NOC (no-objection certificate) to the film? She had no standing in the case. We should've been asked about it before the filmmakers decided to make a film on the Jessica Lal murder.'' Sabrina Lall, though, clarified that her NOC was sought for the portrayal of her character in the film. "Me and my family was given a bound script by its producers. Let me clarify here whatever the fears of Mr Amod Kanth, they should be directed to UTV, the producers of the film, and not me.''

Rajkumar Gupta, director of the film, refused to comment on the issue, and asked TOI to approach the producers, who were not available.

It may be recalled that during reinvestigation into the case, Sabrina Lall is said to have charged Amod Kanth for trying to influence her, but the police officer had denied it.

Kanth says he is shocked that both the producers and the Censor Board have paid no heed to the letters written to them. He said, "Six months ago when I came to know about the film, I sent a copy of the high court and supreme court judgments on the case to the producers and asked them to just stick to the facts. Also, a legal notice was sent to them but there was no reply from the producers.''

Kanth said, "I had also sent a letter to Sharmila Tagore about 15 days ago along with the copy of the SC judgement requesting her to ensure that only the facts relating to the Jessica Lall murder case are presented in the film. I am really saddened that nobody has really bothered to listen to us.''

No One Killed Jessica is slated for release on January 7.

Amod Kanth's request for a special preview for police officers involved in the case too has not been entertained by the filmmakers.

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